Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Best Pull Quote of the Year"

Yikes, I almost screwed up big time today! Bloggerman was all set to rip the movie studios for not only producing a steady stream of pure garbage for the summer movie season (yes, they are making another Incredible Hulk movie) but for further insulting the viewing public by hyping their movie trailers with false praise from websites and magazines that don’t really exist.

Sony Pictures was sued for this exact kind of behavior a few years ago. They “invented” a reviewer and attributed to him quotes for their pile of crap on celluloid. The kicker here is that they identified him as a reporter for a REAL paper in Connecticut. A full review of the settlement (it never actually went to court) is here.

Another of the frequently attributed publications is called Dark Horizons. This had to be a fake as they always seem to have something nice to say about everything coming out of Hollywood. After being forced to absorb thousands of movie promos for the “official start of summer” this past weekend I decided to investigate.

Well was I surprised not only to find that Dark Horizons is real but that it also has some fairly worded rants against the movie droppings at the top of the dung heap. For example they roundly panned "What Happens in Vegas" the flop with the flops (Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz) and others. In fact I recommend reading their “Worst of 2007” list if you (like I used to) think they gave everything glowing words.

I still am of the belief that the studios have publications (and websites) that might be tangible firmly in their pocket and have the ability to manipulate at the very least a good “pull quote” for their next abomination with some big named stars. I also plan on catching them in the act and taking a small piece of the “action.

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