Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Beer in the Fridge and Dogs at the Park

Surprisingly enough not the “hot” variety although with a lack of shade Hunter and the Mooks were fairly warm. They kept cool with water and shade under our seats as well as with walks every inning or so into the concessions area.

This past Sunday we took the two mutts down to “Dog Days” at a local minor league park. Mooks of course made friends right away with one of the visiting team’s pitchers who even gave her a ball which quickly found it’s way into her jaws!

Surprisingly all the fans were really good about the dogs being down in the field box with us and they all looked after them when we got a bit overwhelmed.

Photo ops abounded as you can see from our little collage, as we found time with each other, other pooches, the mascot (Uncle Slam) and even Hunter with the Hooter’s Girls! He has been spending way too much time with Crazy Uncle Bloggerman and his Daddy!

By the end of the day the excitement, heat, and car ride was enough to put both puppies out for the better part of the evening. This lead to a nice dinner with our friends and their relations who had stopped by. At said dinner we got to try the newest product from the Budweiser family, Bud Light Lime. It’s billed as BL with a touch of lime.

Before you say “Ewww!”, think of a Corona without tasting like Corona (ass). It’s smooth, cool, easy drinking, and went great with the Mexican/Salvadorian fiesta we enjoyed that evening. With this said, I only recommend BLL during summer months as it may be too light during the winter.

This is Bloggerman and this has been your beer review.

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