Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Comrade Bush: Neyt!

For reference read this Washington Post article first.

Are you really getting dumber or just bolder in your waning days in office? You are seriously going to criticize a “free press” because you don’t like the way they edited the interview they conducted with you this week??

Are you flipping crazy?!?!

Also further, your henchman, Ed Gillespie, had the nerve to criticize MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman because their “opinion” shows are “blatant[ly] partisan”?

Good for you! [Note to Congressional Democrats: I want an immediate investigation and weeks of hearings on the entire broadcast schedule at Fox News. Because if MSNBC is “partisan” then Fox is down right state-run media (ala soviet Russia)]

Comrade Bush-kov, go back to your fox hole and stay out of site for a few months less you inspire more “shock and awe!”

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