Friday, May 16, 2008

The Play at the Plate and He’s….OUT plus a Beerwhich

Forgetting the fact that the scene was Yankee Stadium, this is by far the coolest graduation prank/stunt I’ve ever heard. Its so much better then that cheesy beach ball you brought to your graduation or that dope who tried to sell advertising space on top of his mortarboard (yours truly). William Lopez who was attending his NYU graduation, held at Yankee Stadium, jumped out of the stand and raced around the bases. He was tackled just short of home plate (see the pics, courtesy of The Daily News)..but the best part is he's reaching out (maybe 10 ft short of) trying to touch home plate!

Come on…let the kid at least reach home! The Daily News has a good write up on it but the thing I’m just not clear on is why he felt the need to drop trou. before heading onto the field. I say…good job young man…now get a job.

Today’s bonus additional topic comes to us from the folks over at Blog Sober (via Jenna) on tips to make a “Booze Sandwich.” For those of you with out the visual imagination (and who are too lazy to click the link and see what they have to say) here are the instructions:

Fill a 16 oz. water bottle with your booze of choice, hollow out a nice, appropriate sized French roll, insert bottle, add some lettuce, possibly some meat around the edge, wrap the sandwich in Saran Wrap and I bet not a single security guard in the country will hassle you at the bag check.

Here’s a couple photos (courtesy of CadaverBlender)

That’s a week....and a wrap. See you next week.

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