Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Stuff I Forgot or Want to Add On

Ok there are a few things that I didn’t get to or more likely, my brain didn’t process before the posting deadlines. I want to add them here.

Crazy Legs
So while we were walking up to the ball park on Saturday night, I bumped into World Competitive Eating Champ, Crazy Legs Conti. He was on site for a run up to the annual July 4 Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest. It was quite an experience. I didn’t get a chance to ask him if I could learn under his expert tutelage but then again I don’t think it would do a diet good.

Pics from Day 1
Here are some assorted pics from Day 1 at Shea.

The view of Citi Field the new ballpark

a few lone holdouts in the rain
Everything in NY has to list calories (400 for the Nathan's Dog)

The Danny Heep Jersey as referenced yesterday. The winner of the most obscure jersey contest

Special Election
Yesterday there was a special election for the Congressional seat vacated by fat Al Wynn. Wynn lost the primary vote a few months back and decided to bail out and stick the taxpayers with the $1 million bill for a special election that will put somebody in Congress for the next 4 months.

In yesterday’s election we were able to choose between a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or write in your own candidate. Well guess which one Bloggerman chose? Yep, I received exactly one vote for the US Congress, Maryland, 4th district. I didn’t win because Mrs. Bloggerman decided to vote against her husband cast a vote for what she dubbed “a real candidate”. I hope all the Gays and Lesbians getting married in California in the upcoming months (Way to go by the way!!!) realize that they are in for exactly this kind of miserable matrimonial bliss. By the way here are the results of the election if you care.

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