Friday, June 13, 2008

Peaceful City Noise and Governor Dobbs??

I had the opportunity to walk the streets of DC this morning and realized that even with the “city” noise it was fairly peaceful. That’s the thing here…the trains are silent in the morning. In fact, if you do start yakking on your cell or talking to your seatmate, other riders will stare at you like a pariah. The same thing goes for the streets (at least before 8am). I walked about 10 blocks total this morning and all I heard were cars rolling down the street (no horns), and building air conditioners. No other noise, no yelling, no screaming, no construction cranes. It was very peaceful. Just wanted to share.

On to the next governor of the fine state of New Jersey could be none-other then “Fat” Lou Dobbs of CNN fame. According to several sources including this article in the latest issue of Business Week sites several sources as saying that Dobbs could be the Republican nominee for the gubernatorial election. He’d be running against the incumbent, Jon Corzine (D).

I have some reservations about both men and would love to share those with you now. Let’s start with Corzine who was involved in a bad auto accident last year when his SUV crashed on the NJ turnpike on the way to meeting severely injuring him. You had to feel really bad for this guy as he battled back from two broken legs, collapsed lung, etc. only to find out that the reason he was so badly injured was because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Lets’ see, besides the obvious fact that it’s the LAW and you are the states top LAW enforcement agent how about it will save you from massive injury or even death if you are involved in an accident! If he can’t figure that out, can he really run a state?

But Dobbs is no angel either. Besides the fact that he’s a fat slob who really should shut his yap on politics when on his show; which by the way is a Business themed show; this jackass’ wife Debbi actually tried to bring a loaded firearm on a commercial airline flight a few years back at Newark Airport. A loaded gun!!! How friggin’ stupid are you! And this is a direct reflection of the guy who married you. If he chose her then how can he be trusted to make the good choices as governor? I use myself as an even better example of this. Mrs. Blogger married me and I’m an idiot. What does that say about her judgment? Yep, don’t vote for her for NJ Governor either!

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