Monday, June 30, 2008

Wendy’s, Woods, and (W)idiots

Idiots” doesn’t have a W but I needed to add a silent one to keep everything moving right along. Time for quick weekend update. Most of the weekend was spent down at Bull Run camping. I won’t go into the full details because the wonderful folks over at Mighty Baby Boig Please read their recap with interest. have already done so. I want to focus on 2 weekend specific events and a discovery I made today.

I hate the drive thru (Sonic excluded). Not only do you have to talk to the box and hope that they understood you but it usually takes twice as long to get your order as opposed to walking in the front door and looking at a cashier face to face. This way you not only can take your sweet time (nobody honking behind you or giving you the “You’re the number 1 driver in my book” sign) deciding on what kind of caloric laced feast you will partake in that day but also make sure they get it completely correct before walking away and enjoying. This happens to be the lead off topic today because on Saturday we stopped off at Wendy’s on the way to the campsite. Here’s the scene:

(We pull up to the order board…)

Order Taker: would you like combo?

Me: No thanks. Let me have a single [burger] no tomatoes and no cheese

Order Taker: Combo?

Me: NO! No combo. Let me also get another single no tomatoes and no cheese and a medium iced tea.

Order Taker: You want combo?

Me: No! I don’t want a freakin combo…give me 2 singles both no tomatoes and no cheese and a medium iced tea.

Order Taker: Ok pull up…total is five forty-one.

(We pull to the first/cashier’s window…)

Cashier: Seven sixty-one please

Me: No the order taker said five forty-one

Cashier: No, you had 2 singles and a drink…seven sixty one

Me: Are you sure because both my wife and I heard five forty-one.

Cashier: You must have heard wrong…it’s seven sixty one.

Me: I heard wrong!? Let me speak to a manager

Cashier: I am Manager

(BTW: Every time I leave out “The” from this dialogue, it’s because that word was not used by the Wendy’s staff…wonderful mastery of the English language)

Me: Give me my food and a receipt.

End of the story (for now is that I filed a complaint with Wendy’s corporate and we’ll see where it goes from there. Although we are both sure they spit in the burgers!)

The woods were very nice and via a number of circumstances both me and Mr. Boig now have matching Wall Mart $5 sandals and I learned that Mook-a-Lok is good with water as long as she can stand in it AND that Coors Light and a bagel with cream cheese don’t go well together (at least first thing in the morning.)

Lastly on to my discovery of this morning. For some unknown reason I was searching the word “idiot” on the world wide interweb and hit upon our friends at Wikipedia. Did you know there are seven US states where an “idiot” cannot vote? Special props go to the legislators (either former or current) in the following states for helping with Natural Selection

  • Arkansas
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio
  • California
  • Iowa

Now if we could just declare voters who go to the polls because their clergy tell them to and vote based on “moral values” could be added to the “idiot” pool we’d all be a lot better off.

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