Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Year of the Spud

Surprisingly this is not a post about everybody’s favorite 5’7” point guard, Anthony Jerome “Spud” Webb, but rather the tuber otherwise known as the starchy tuberous root vegetable crop from the various subspecies of the perennial plant Solanum tuberosum of the, or nightshade, family, or to the plant itself.

Yes the base ingredient in the tater tot and a major component in the potato light bulb is being honored this year by the United Nations as “an integral part of the global food system.” I am hereby informing my readership of IYP, The International Year of the Potato.

I’m not here to praise the potato but yet I’m not here to bury it either (although my Dad did tell me that he used to do that as a kid, below a fire pit and it would roast up nice!). But I do want to share with you some valuable potato links (as well as the ones that come above):

Top Ten Potato Countries
-interesting note here is that Israel is in the Top 10 for exporting countries…who knew? I would think all the Passover latkes would use them all up!

Ten Tasty Toppings for Your Baked Potato
-tuna on a potato…well that’s almost as good as on nachos. Yummo!

Ten Reasons You're A Couch Potato
-It’s not safe? How about learning some kung-fu (or potato fu young) and kicking some ass out on the ruff and tumble streets of your neighborhood?

Top Ten Kugel Recipes
-I can’t believe that potato kugel is so low on the list! Then again I’m also happy my Mom’s noodle kugel recipe isn’t in there…more for me!

Dress Mr. Potato Head
-yep I know it’s not a top 10 but come on…it’s Mr. Potato Head!

And finally, what list of “Potato” would be complete without the man who makes “W” Bush look like a rocket scientist, none other then, Dan Quayle trying to master spelling “P-O-T-A-T-O-E”

Potatoman…err...Blogerman out!

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