Thursday, June 5, 2008

Once Twice Three Times a NO and 4-way Stops!

Ahhhhhh!!!! The numbers wont’ leave me alone. They always are there…oh wait that’s Hurley. Fhewwww….I feel much better now.

But seriously numbers are haunting me again. This time the numbers 2, 3, and 4 are bugging me and here’s why.

2 and 3 go together, as in November 2, 2008 and 3 consecutive times turned down from entry into the New York City Marathon (the former being the date of the race.) Come on people. Yes I know I didn’t have a good showing in 2005 but that was my first race after injuring my knee…I’m allowed one bad check every few years right (see the counterfeiting post from a while back)? Well I don’t know how they do this lottery but I was really looking forward to going up to NYC and running it this year. On the bright side, the other folks who I know who entered also didn’t get in so they have next year too. Speaking of next year…I guarantee my entry into the race.

Wha, wha, what??? How can you do that?

Simple. The New York Road Runner rule book says:

Those who have applied but been denied entry for the last three years in a row and who haven't secured entry through alternative methods are guaranteed race entry.

Lets see…that means 2006 (no), 2007 (no), and now 2008 (no)! YEAH! I’m in for 2009 and going to whoop the llama’s ass (or the emu’s donkey…whichever comes first)!

So Elliot, Eric, and any of you other yahoos that want to run this bad mutha with me…saddle up, 'cause we’re going to Disneyland….err…Central Park in November of 2009!

Wait….you forgot the number 4.

Oh yeah you’re right…thanks for reminding me. 4 is for 4-way stop, as in what you are supposed to do when driving your car and coming onto an intersection where the lights are down due to power outages. Didn’t they teach that on your driving test? Evidently most of the folks on Connecticut Ave and 355 couldn’t handle that master level driving technique yesterday afternoon. Yes, I understand that a strong storm(s) hit and knocked out the power, and yes, I understand that you were confused and a little scared, but the rains were gone and you could see clearly now…

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? The guy in the minivan next to me over by White Flint (on 355) was honking because the cars in front of us were stopping to be courteous. He was actually upset that he was being delayed. I tried to calm him but there was no sedating the man. Ah he’s a fat ass anyway who will probably have a heart attack behind the wheel and kill himself in a fiery late night wreck. As for me…I pulled off and got one of the Whoa! That’s Low! shakes. Yummo! (2 comes up again. As in 2 posts in a row I’ve used Yummo! Get Rachel Ray out of my head!!!)

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