Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dream Before the Storm

Have you ever been in a dream that is a really nice one and you don’t want to wake up? It’s the one that’s so real you can’t tell the difference. You know, the one that you’ve stumbled into even though you had trouble getting to sleep in the first place.

Yeah that’s the one. Well I had one of those last night. Something about the fact that I had a wrought-iron, two-story deck outside of my house and it looked out onto a LA Style canyon. And it had three pools, a fully stocked bar, pool table, card area but no Direct TV! With all that beauty…all I wanted was a TV hook up but the guy told me it was too far of a [cable] run from the house.

The kicker here is that I slept right through my alarm and Mrs. Bloggerman had to wake me up 40 min after my alarm was set to go off. How about them apples!

On another note, an avid reader of this space told me to call a friend of his “Santa Claus.” He said I could get in contact with Mr. Claus if I “click your heels together three times and say "I believe!" he'll come down and point you to free meeting space for 60 with an internet connection and projector on a metro line.” Well LegalEagle…I did that and nothing happened. What a gyp!

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