Monday, July 7, 2008

My Niece is a Germ Carrier

This is not to mention that she’s also very dainty and lady like (first time ever) when it came time to eat her first birthday cake. Instead of pulling a “Me” and smashing her head right into the cake (Mom, you can attest to this one!), she took small handfuls and “sampled” the icing. Alton Brown

would be proud to see that even at one-year old she’s mastered the “cake as an icing delivery system” concept.

We had a great time in the ATL this weekend and Bloggerman even got his first experience running the world famous “Peachtree Road Race.” This 10k runs through downtown Atlanta and as Mrs. Bloggerman said, “If it wasn’t for the start and the finish the race would have been great.” Note to the Atlanta Track Club: Either give everybody a timing chip or don’t time anybody. I thought it took a lot of nerve for the organizers of this 57,000+ runner race to announce the “winners” before our wave of runners made it to the starting line. I would point out that while it’s not likely, somebody from the later groups could have placed or even won the race (net time). But as the locals say you run it for the T-shirt. Well the T-shirt was the worst choice of the 5 designs voted on. Never fear though…Bloggerman is resourceful and it only took a few minutes after crossing the finish line that I was able to swap shirts with a volunteer. Their “race team” shirts were more along the lines of what I thought the race shirt should look like. Special thanks go out to the in-laws for housing/feeding us this weekend, to the Boigs for watching the Mookster and an extra special thanks to the folks at Moe’s at Terminal C of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for staying open long enough for us to grab a quick snack before our flight out late Saturday. They know that the way to my stomach is through my mouth. heard me!

Speaking of Food….My Knish is soggy. Truth be told make it a combo. For those of you who want closure from the Wendy’s fiasco of last week…you can now rest easy. The district manager at DaveCo Restaurants wrote me a personal letter to apologize for my experience at the drive thru and to “make it right” he sent me two coupons, each good for a combo meal. I’ll forget for the record that this whole thing started out because I didn’t want the combo when I ordered and say that I appreciate not only their quick response but that they genuinely seem to want to keep me as a customer. I’ll be back but next time I’ll go up to the counter to order

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RayRay said...

A lovely article and you note that she is a germ carrier in the headline but no mention of the endless germs that she does carry and battle with on a daily basis. I feel cheapened by the attractive headline never to be discussed within the article. What would the NY Daily Post say about such journalism.