Monday, July 14, 2008

Quick. Stop that Dress! It Was Your Daddy’s Idea.

It’s getting away! As anybody who is in the know ­– Knows – the Ms. Universe pageant was again marred by an unfortunate, “Wardrobe Malfunction.” For the second straight year the Ms. USA contestant (this year, Crystale Stewart from Texas) tripped on her gown during the walk out introduction. Mr. Trump, these dresses must be stopped! Think of the embarrassment they are causing these young ladies. Forget for a second that this woman has the most insipid spelling of “Crystal” you can possibly have (short of a little smiley face over an “i”) and for that alone she deserves all the crytasisim (see I can do it too!) she gets; this is a women who is competing with other lovely women for a meaningless title. She doesn’t need to trip on her dress. She can’t win that way (and didn’t) If this Diana Ross looking beast wanted to win she should have foregone the dress altogether and paid Mr. Trump some lip service. Yeah I know it’s not pretty but neither is she. The video of her falling by the way can be found here.

Topic #2 on this hit parade. Our intrepid leader decided to lift an executive order that banned off shore oil drilling today. Now mind you the lifting of the order is useless without Congress actually rescinding it’s offshore drilling ban but according to the White House (via media whore Dana Parino), "They haven't even held a single hearing” Yep. They haven’t held a hearing because it’s a dead issue. How about that. They also haven’t held a hearing to impeach your bosses Dana but I don’t see Georgie or Dick stepping down voluntarily. Humm? Why do you suppose that is?

The kicker in all of this is that while Congress imposed the ban in 1981. Daddy Bush was the one who in 1991 imposed the executive order further banning the practice. So Georgie-porgy is on his way out in a few months and disobeys his pops....bad move George. That might get you a Texas-sized whoppin’ when Daddy comes home. Perhaps, as I’ve suggested in this space a bit in the last few months, George should just stop doing everything. Stop speaking, just go and play some golf and accept a free dinner from whatever lobbying group or foreign emissary is in town that day and leave the country be. Either that or fake your death and disappear into the either. Either way just go away and stop making a fool out of yourself and turning this country further down the aisle labeled, “Laughing Stock”.

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