Thursday, July 24, 2008

Urinals, Crossing Guards, and LaRoush

Wow, a whole day had almost past and here I was without much to blog about other than the latest installment of The Washington Posts insipid 12-part series on the murder of Chandra Levy (turns out the illegal immigrant did it...yet another reason to give them amnesty!) But never fear good readers, I have visited the bathroom and continued my trip home so I did what any good blogger would do, whip out my portable version and get busy. Sit back, relax, and ignore any spelling mistakes.

So there I am in my office mens room just standing and draining and overall just-a-mindin my business when another gentleman saunters up to the urinal next to me and proceedes to flush! Not "relieve himself" and then flush. Nope, he actually felt it was his sanitary need to flush any leftover "ick" from the previous depositer, less he take a chance that his waste and that belonging to the previous occpant comingle at the bottom of said urinal! This is just not right! Besides the obvious wasting of water, is there some public health threat posed by mixing of urine in a vessel that is desined expressly for that purpose?? Dumbass...the US Government will be sending you a bill.

Speaking of govenrment money, this time its being well spent in the form of the crossing guard/traffic cop/guy withthe wistle in the intersection of 17th and K streets today. The DC government has dispursed these folks throuout the city during rush hour to stop cars from crowding intersections and let pedestrians cross the street. It hs been a pretty good investment up until now when today as I was getting ready to cross the street a woman trying to turn into the main lanes from the access rd on k st (a big no-no during rush hour) was held up and yelled out by the guard for not only tring to cross illeagaly but also for being on her cell phone (DC has a "hands free" law). He made her hang up the phone and turn the other way (on to 17th st.). Quality is job one.

Finaly we come to perenial presidental flop, Lyndon Larouche. This waffledouche runs for office evry 4 years by hiring a roaming band of castrated college-aged kids to hand out his policy "pamphlets" out to commuters on their way home. I have never seen this guy n person and am begining to think he really doesn't exsist. Just once, I'd like to see him show up. If nothing else, I can get a signed copy of "Reasons the Bush Empire Have Screwed up the World.". Cool, e-bay here I come!

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