Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Extended Absence and Some Thoughts

I wanted to apologize for my extended posting absence but I’m back so here we go...

Here are some thoughts that struck me over the last few days:

1) Is it bad luck to cycle through a cemetery? I know its bad luck to whistle in a cemetery and it may even be bad luck to walk through one if you are not visiting a loved one but let’s say that the path cutting through the cemetery is the shortest distance between two it ok then?

2) Would the dollar store and the 99 cent store ever get into a pricing war? Yeah I know it’s only a penny’s difference but if they opened up right next to one another would they each start dropping their prices trying to win your business? I can see it now...the 87cent store (formerly the dollar store) closes its doors forever because it just couldn’t compete with the 75 cent and 1 shilling store that opened up in the same strip mall in the space formerly occupied by the 99 cent store.

3) Can you REALLY not turn left from that lane? We’ve all done this at one time or another in our illustrious driving careers. You’re in a center lane and you realize you have to turn left but can’t get over into the far lane. Is it then ok to turn from the center lane as long as the other drivers see you? NO. Case in point the blond ditz in the black SUV yesterday on Mid County Highway. You know who you are!

4) Who shows a blind dog how to get around? Our blind guys use dogs to help them get around but who shows the blind dog how to get by? Do they have squirrel guides? And would those guides take the dog hunting for nuts that have fallen in the cooler autumn months?

5) I'm convinced that wintergreen really isn't a "mint" but rather an invented flavor created by the Wrigley companies. That is all

6) TSA blue shirts. I really dig this “new” look that the TSA agents were wearing at DCA this weekend. With the black slacks it really looks sharp. Way to go Government!

7) What do you call manslaughter against a woman? Just curious.

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