Friday, August 15, 2008

Stop that F-in Cursing!

Maybe I’m getting old. I don’t know. Things now bother me that I used to never give a second thought to. For one thing, cursing in public. Now, before you go “well curse all the time.”, well you’re motherf-@#$@#$g right I do. But I have deeply curtailed my cursing in public places and especially when there are young children around.

I was reminded of this when attending some baseball games this week (my Mets swept the Nationals btw). Even though we had “prime” seats in the lower two seating areas, there were still a ton of profanities thrown around in complete ear shot. I have to think young kids these days are becoming more immune to the cursing because it’s everywhere from music to the internet but call me old fashioned because I still think they shouldn’t have to hear it until their parents curse them out as a 12 year old brat. I saw some guy doing it as I got of the subway this morning too. There probably aren’t any kids walking downtown at 730am during the middle of the week but it’s more the principal then anything.

However we need to be aware that there are plenty of times that cursing is perfectly appropriate such as the field of play. Cursing “within the lines of play” is just fine with me as sometimes you have to drop an F-bomb when you strike out (not that I’ve ever had to worry about that!) Case in point is one of my favorite tennis players of all time, John McEnroe getting thrown out of a match in Rhode Island last night. The article says he was tossed “...for a new kind of triple fault: cursing, arguing with the chair umpire and making an obscene gesture at fans.” How great is that.??

Kids, this is who you should be watching!

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