Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things Not To Say on Radio

Scott Salotto, a local news reporter on WABC radio in New York City was on the Imus in the Morning program this morning. He was giving a live report during a local news break on a new law being aimed at punishing parents who supply alcohol to minors while under their roofs. At the end of the live report, Mr. Imus asked Salotto if he ever partook in a “drink” now and again (Mr. Imus is a recovering alcoholic). Salotto in his ultimate wisdom said, “No, but I do like to have the occasional ‘pot brownie’ now and again.”

Even the Imus on-air staff was a little shocked. Scott, buddy, things you just shouldn’t say out loud. I support your right to say it however and bring me some of those brownies...they’ll go great with this russian quaalude cocktail I “made” the other day.

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