Friday, September 26, 2008

Football Fan Slightly Misguided but Right on Target

Pat Fargason you might just have something here. In your piece in the Savannah Morning News, you lay the groundwork for the proper way to plan a wedding date. Per your suggestions, the bride and groom-to-be should work around (in this case) the Georgia Bulldog football season. I think it’s brilliant. I only wish Mrs. Bloggerman would have worked our wedding date around Bruce Springsteen’s tour schedule so we could have seen him in DC when he came in.

The next question for you Pat, is can this “scheduling plan” of yours work for fans of other teams or other sports. Say for example I am a huge WNBA fan (and evidently there aren’t a lot of us out there). Can I plan my weddings and other social gatherings around the schedule of my favorite team, The New York Liberty? They played a game on Saturday, July 19th against the always tough women of the Indiana Fever. Say I had a bar mitzvah or a wake to go to that evening. Would it be appropriate to ask the person of “honor” to move the event so I could take in that battle of the titans?

And if that’s ok (and I’m hoping it is!), I ask....nay....I demand that Debbie and Eric change their wedding date so I can attend the 2009 ING Atlanta Marathon. I will not be deterred in my wishes here. Pat said that I am completely in my right to do so. And if this upsets you then I say take it up with him!


Pat Fargason said...

The story is mainly driven towards college football. The reason I say that is because there are only 14 weeks in the college football season, and unlike other sports every weekend could change the season.

However, the premsis of the story could be applied to a variety of sporting events.

For example, if you lived in Boston, you probably wouldn't want to schedule a wedding in the month of October, because the die-hard Sox fans would burn you at the stake.

In contrast, you could do that in New York in October, because their baseball teams are a bunch of choke artists. Ha! I had to get that in there.

Now I know that in the sports stratsphere the New York Liberty vs. Indiana Fever rivalry is legendary, and I guess you could reschedule your wedding for that titanic match-up.

However, if you told people that you had to move you wedding for a WNBA regular season game, then your guests are going to start to question your sexuality, and wonder if your pending nuptiuals are nothing more than a cover up!

The Meanie Mean Bride in Question said...

Just for the record, Bloggerman has been told he is welcome to miss Debbie and Eric's wedding to run the Marathon, but that Mrs. Bloggerman may never speak to him again...