Monday, September 29, 2008

Heartbreak, Hair-Loss, and Housewives

Quite an interesting Sunday at Bloggerman Central, as a busy morning running errands led into an afternoon of (mostly) sports debauchery. I’m very happy to report that through it all both the TV and the computer received no substantial damages as the scene could have turned out much worse.

First the Heartbreak. Those loveable “Amazins” from Queens had a chance to make the playoffs after a pitiful first half of the season. They had to win and hope that the Brew Crew in Wisconsin dropped their game to the Cubbies. If they failed it would be the last game ever in Shea has they prepare to move to their new home next spring. After the Fish plated a two in the sixth doom and gloom set in until Carlos Beltran smacked an offering deep and gone to left to tie it up. You had the feeling that that for all the ups and downs and queasiness that this season has heaped upon my shoulders that they may actually pull this one off and we can walk away contented. That might have been the case if we didn’t have to bring in the bullpen who promptly gave up two home runs in the top of the seventh. But this was the final game at Shea and there had to be some magic right? Uh-uh. None here, as both Delgado and Church’s late inning drives dropped harmlessly into the Marlins’ gloves in left and right center respectively. It was a sad way to close a tough season and say goodbye to (what for me is) an institution. I grew up at Shea and it was the only home I knew for the Mets.

Here are my top 3 moments there (in order of occurrence):
1) Going down on the field for a Jr. Mets clinic and getting catching tips from (then) pitching coach, Mel Stottlemyre.

2) Sitting up in the upper deck during an April doubleheader with the Cubs, threatening to take my shirt off if Tim Teufel didn’t get a hit.

3) This was the most important one btw: Mrs. Bloggerman accepting my proposal of marriage on April 23 in a suite along the 3rd base line. (oh yeah, Mr. Met was there too).

Now the Hair-Loss. Somebody call Giuseppe Franco because I ain’t got no stinkin hair left. My fantasy baseball team (coincidentally, also called “Nobody Likes a Jerk”) was leading in the championship week by almost 70 points going into Saturday’s games. Well that lead quickly started to fall apart as my pitchers were scratched for their weekend starts for a variety of reasons and my opponents’ were firing on all cylinders. And although he did defeat me (Congrats Chris!) my leading hitter for the week, Joey Votto’s 41 points were more then his top two hitters combined. None the less I’m bummed but will take my winnings and maybe buy Mrs. Bloggerman something nice. We’ll see. Any ideas?

And Finally the Housewives. Last night is a prime example about why I need to catch up with my “shows” and can’t rely on the DVR. Desperate Housewives premiered its new season on ABC last night and I missed it. Why you ask? (go ahead ask!) Well because I had to watch the last 4 episodes from last season online last night because our DVR had to be replaced shortly after the end of last season thereby erasing all of the saved episodes. And because ABC only airs the 4 most recently aired ones (including repeats) I had to wait all summer until they caught up with me. So last night why Mrs. Bloggerman was upstairs watching something or other, I was at the kitchen table immersed in the going-ons of Wisteria Lane.

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