Friday, September 12, 2008

Funny, I've Heard That Beofre

Stop copying me. I know I’m popular and I know I’m funny, plus my Mom says I’m handsome, but you must fight the urge to copy everything I do!

I was home last light (as opposed to that seedy motel down the street that Mrs. Bloggerman keeps threatening to banish me to) and saw that RayRay posted about the plan to bring Jews to Dothan Alabama. Sound familiar (see my post earlier in the day on this matter).

In and of itself that wouldn’t have been so bad because his take included a breakdown of the $50k in grant money going to the families that move there but then Czabe had to go and mention it on his show the other day too. The big difference between my posting and the other mentions is that I had the decency to let you know about the peanuts around town. That’s culture baby!

So to recap, this is the place to get the full story without editing (and sometimes spell checking). Who needs Fox News?

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