Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grandma...Don’t Vote for That Guy!

In case the 2000 “hanging chad” debacle in Florida didn’t worry you enough about our echm...older citizens voting then you either don’t have a pulse or are so blindly in GW’s pocket that your name is Katherine Harris (what...too soon?)!

To avoid such “senior moments” during this upcoming presidential election, a group of concerned Jewish children and grandchildren are heading down en mass to the sunshine state to work with those fogies (Bloggerman’s parents not included...they’re older then dirt but still able to figure out parts of the world wide interweb. Therefore they are excluded from needing help).

The bulk of the story can be found in this LA Times article.

The Jewish Council for Education and Research (a pro-Obama group) is organizing the “Great Schlep” to get informed whipper-snappers down to Florida and help convince, cajole, or even trick those disillusioned retirees that just because Hillary isn’t in the race they don’t have to sink so low as to vote Republican (this is their words...not mine).

On its face the “schlep” provides for interesting fodder. We saw what 2000’s election brought and how different would it have been had there been younger helpers to show the older Floridians how to use the chad ballots so that Pat Buchanan didn’t walk away with most of the southern part of the state. Even though this group is vocally in support of Obama, is it so bad to see young people getting involved? I think they should expand this outreach beyond just Florida. Take it to the farms of Iowa where, sure they believe that gays shouldn’t be allowed to walk down the street much less marry, and that if you don’t own a gun you are a terrorist loving, commie bastard, but deep down they don’t’ have to vote for the old guy and his next mistress. They could vote for the black guy and the other guy who’s white but still acts like a dope. Or they could take the show on the road and send thousands of Jews to Alaska (perhaps even by way of cruise ship) to convince the Eskimos that their Governor really isn’t all that and the bag of sour cream and onion chips she says she is.

And let’s not stop there. Why don’t the GOP faithful take it in reverse and send their old warhorses down to speak to those high schoolers and tell them that GOP is the way to be or that sure you’re 20 and already have 5 kids but you don’t need that tax cut. Instead support our guy who’ll give it to the CEO of a company the gov’t just bailed out.

Ok now I need to go and lie down for a nap. Mrs. Bloggerman has obviously been getting to me!

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