Monday, September 8, 2008

Things to Do in a Tropical Storm

For those of you who don’t live along the eastern seaboard of the United States, you missed one heck of a storm on Saturday with a lot of rain and a little wind. And since you weren’t there to experience my day I wanted to share with you some things you can do while in a tropical storm. Think of it as a “I wish you were here” moment.

1) Run through Washington, DC

It started with just some light drizzle at 7am but then picked up to a full downpour by 930am. The feeling as we were running up and down the length of Connecticut Ave within the districts boarders was that “well we’re already wet and we’re not gonna get dry anytime soon”. The run was nice but the amount of water I was able to ring out of my shoes and socks at the end was enough to solve the drought in Georgia.

2) Get a Haircut

I had the foresight to pack a dry pair of clothes thankfully but even with the change I still sloshed into the barber’s chair and proceeded to get a cut that was a bit too short and gives my head a “longer” feel. I think it looks like a hairy zucchini but that’s my take on things. The end result is that I got a haircut that needed no styling product (thank G-d, as it would have run all over my face on the ride back which may have blinded me). Speaking of being blinded...

3) Driving Home in the Rain

There’s nothing more fun than driving in bad weather but even more fun when the following happens: a) people go way too fast for the conditions b) they don’t realize that their car/truck/motorcycle/handtruck is kicking up more water then the fountains at the Bilagio hotel in Vegas and c) they continue to drive in your blind side and expect you to be able to see them when your windshield is covered in water.

4) Shop for a Dinner Party

I was somebody’s Shabbas Goy...except...well...I’m not really a Goy. I only play one on TV.

5) Walk the Dog

Well it was raining hard enough that I could be staying in and trying the aforementioned yo-yo trick but mine has more tongue and will remind you that she needs to go out. Eh...when she’s wet, she’s wet so away we went. I still don’t understand why she tries to shake off the water at various parts throughout the walk. It would seem she would just wait and then do it all in one big “wave”.

6) Splash Through the Grass

Perhaps the pup was preparing for the end of our walk which consisted of a 100 yard dash thru the muck and mud of an open field of grass near the house.

7) Get Reacquainted with Standard Definition Television Stations

The dish is a great idea but the first thing to go is the HD stations. That’s why you have the damn thing. It’s so hard to watch college football in SD when you’ve experienced the real thing. Se La Veeeeeeee!

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