Monday, October 27, 2008

Another One?

Yep another marathon (#15) is in the books. Yesterday Bloggerman took down the 33rd Marine Corps Marathon in a time of 4 hours, 10 minutes, and 35 seconds. Now if you go to search my results you’ll see a time of 4:13:54 but I can explain. You see upon seeing the Smithsonian Castle, just before mile marker 19, I couldn’t help but run in real quick and see the quality of the bathrooms. Sure I could have checked out those exhibits and all the history inside but why? I mean the bathroom has it all, History, Culture, and Push-Button Hand Driers.

The race was not my best time but it does replace this year’s Baltimore Marathon (2 weeks ago) as my third best overall time and I was happy to (after stopping to walk parts of Mile 21 and 22) pull myself up and run the rest of the way into the finish line. In fact if you’d like to view Bloggerman cross the line you can see it here on the Washington Post feed of the finish line. Forward your timers to 1:32:10 and look for the guy in the middle with the white shirt and big hat.

Special thanks to Pacers for hosting all of us before and after the race and an extra special thanks go out to Mrs. Bloggerman and her team of cheerleaders (Jenna and Lilah) for following me around on the course and keeping my spirits up.

As of now it looks like I’m taking the rest of 2008 off as far as serious distance and am starting to think of a plan for 2009. The only race that is set in stone is the 2009 NYC Marathon in November. I’m kicking around a plan to run 12 ½ marathons (1 per month) as a new challenge. We’ll see what happens. Now it’s time to build a case for my medals.

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