Thursday, October 23, 2008

“Non-Filer Syndrome”

So it seems that the replacement governor for the state of New York, David Paterson has a new scandal to deal with. First it was Patterson’s rise to prominence when, then-governor Elliot Spitzer was caught with the hooker. Now one of his top aides, Charles O'Byrne, is trying to explain why he had failed to pay years of Federal and state income tax. According to his lawyer’s it turns out that Mr. O’Byrne is suffering from a severe medical condition known as ““Non-Filer Syndrome.”


This is so stupid that you’d expect it to come from a certain Alaskan Hockey Mom but no, this is from an educated lawyer for the state of New York. Read the take in either the Daily News or the Poughkeepsie Journal.

This got me thinking that there are other instances in life where these “syndromes” would come in handy. Among them are:

Another way to dodge taxes: Not want to file syndrome
Sloughing off chores: Don’t want to take out the garbage syndrome
Not in the mood tonight: I have a headache syndrome
For the Glen Quagmire’s of the world: She’s only 13???? Syndrome
When you get pulled over: I wasn’t drunk when I got in to the bar syndrome
For my pup-a-lup and her snacking habits: But it’s not my poop syndrome
One more shot at our commander-in-chief: I’m Bush Syndrome

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