Friday, October 17, 2008

Drunk E-mails, Awkward Sports Interviews, and Subway’s Bread

Wow gee I really like you. What are you wearing are so cool....why don’t you come over here....I know it’s late but are so hot.....we should totally hang adffafdafadfadsfadfad.

That folks is a drunken e-mail. We’ve all done it, we’re not proud. We may have even added a late night drunk dial in combination to that. Well no more I tell you. No more embarrassing, alcohol-enabled love notes to your ex or your mother. NO MORE...that is if you are a Gmail user. Introducing...Google “Mail Googles.” This little handy-dandy add on to Gmail will make the sender answer a series of three math questions within a 60-second window before it will allow an e-mail to be sent. That’s all well and good but the big question here is: Will It Work? Time Magazine’s Claire Suddath and a friend took a few bottles of wine and decided to find out.

Based on their research the filter really doesn’t do all it claims but I still think it’s a step in the right direction. Look this is a voluntary feature and if you want to turn it off you can. There are of course already detractors not based on the technology but based on the bible. Some how the Krazy Kristians have gotten their hands on this information and are claiming that Google is endorsing alcohol use.

Speaking of “Krazyness” Zabe posted this great YouTube video of SportsCenter’s Top 10 list of Awkward Sports Interviews. Take a moment to play will laugh (no filter or alcohol needed).

Finally to close out today I want to talk about the bread baking at Subway shops across the nation (and possibly Canada). I walk by several each day on my journey between my office and the Metro station and each day (especially in the morning) I notice the smell of their fresh baked bread. I don’t know what type they are baking to create the smell I take in but it’s possible that it could be a combination of all the different types. Whatever it is I can’t help but falling in love with the smell. It is getting to the point that I want to consider bottling it up and selling it to Bath and Body Works to put in their wall fragrance releaser thingies. about an entire house smelling like Subway sandwiches. Jarred here we come!

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