Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Germ-a-phobe

For those of you dedicated readers, you may remember my rant on the uber-sanitary habits of the guy at the urinal next to me. Well I obviously the people that work in and around my office clearly don’t share the same fierce sense of having to read this space because they are at it again.

Today I walked in to do some “thinking” and at the same time in walked another like minded individual. He entered the stall next to mine and while I took a quick swipe with tissue of the seat and got to “work” he was not as fast. This dope felt the need to flush first (even though there very well was nothing in there) and then instead of using the provided seat covers (what a waste of money) he feels the need to line the seat like it’s in the only gas station in a bad neighborhood and you’re having a save your pants or your soul moment.

Stop the insanity. Mary Lou Retton was the one who reminded us that you can’t even get AIDS from a toilet seat. But it is Judy Forman writing in The Boston Globe who gives us a more definitive list of what you can get from a dirty seat. I think it’s interesting that probably the worst thing out there is e-coli but only if you touch a dirty (fecal covered) seat and then put your hands in your mouth.

Which brings us to the final question on this matter.

Hey you over there....
Are you going to finish that?
Well at least I’m going to wash my hands!

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