Monday, October 6, 2008

Fudgy The Whale and Boom Goes the Dynamite

As you get older birthdays become a mix of the usual happy and a bit of sadness as reflection sets in. Today is Bloggerman’s birthday and I’m sad not for a reason of reflection but because I heard some bad news about an institution closing. Unfortunately DeVry University isn’t going anywhere but the original Carvel store is.

The original store that Tom Carvel opened in 1934 after his ice cream truck broke down on Central Avenue in Hartsdale, NY is closing it’s doors for good on Sunday to make way for a Japanese Steakhouse. You can view a video news report on the story on WABC’s website for all the information. There is something to be said that Tom Carvel died one year after selling the Carvel franchise and this is a sad day. However Carvel’s success has spread all the way down to the greater DC area and I want to thank Mrs. Bloggerman for getting me a Fudgy The Whale cake yesterday to commemorate the 30th something anniversary of my entry into the “life sweepstakes”. To honor Fudgy, Cookie Puss, and all the other crazy characters in the Carvel story please see the below video of Tom Carvel himself doing a commercial that was a staple of my childhood.

On to better news, especially if you are a Ball State Cardinals fan. The Indiana university’s football team has finally made the big time as they crack the AP top 25 poll this week at #25. Alumnus (of the school not the football team) David Letterman is ecstatic of course. In fact he was heard to say the other day, BOOM GOES the DYNAMITE (if you haven’t seen this “classic” you need to watch the whole thing).

Two best parts (where he says “oh no” after the softball and then the deep sigh about a minute in). Internet where have you been all my life.


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