Thursday, October 2, 2008

Raspberries, Centurions, Deer Meat, and Other Things In My Shower

First off...L’Shana Tova to all whom it applies to.

Second, why are there “vine ripened raspberries” in my shower? To be more precise, why is Mrs. Bloggerman using a product that comes with the description “Vine-Ripened Raspberries” from the nice folks at Bath and Body Works?

It’s not that I want approval or even care what fragrance/products she uses but I have some serious issues to raise around these vine-ripened berries. Chief among them are that Raspberries are not vine-ripened. In fact they don’t even grow on vines. They grow on bushes. Here is a handy-dandy guide on trimming them if you care. Second issue is that these are just raspberries. Why do we have to describe them as vine ripened or sun ripened or anything other then raspberries? Is she going to eat them? Or use them in an exotic cocktail? Nah, I think she may wash her hair with it (or whatever its purpose is). Why can’t we just call them “Raspberry ”? That works for me. Of course I’m so cheep that I don’t even buy the Irish Spring body wash...instead I go for CVS brand, Irish smelling, soft soap...but that’s me.

Third item today: Thanks to Hart for pointing out that the folks of the MAJESTIC CENTURION JUSTICE ALLIANCE (yes as in half man/half horse) are looking to get the numbers of their herd up a little bit, especially in the San Diego Area. Uh, this is actually too stupid for me to even tackle but D. Billy over at “And I’m Not Lying” took a nice shot at it the other day. What I really want to know is can you have a backwards centurion (head of horse, ass of a human? I think it’s like a birth defect or something. For that matter what about a Siamese-Twin centurion (two half humans sharing a horses body...geeze this copy writes itself!

Final item for the day: My home county is actually doing something intelligent in the governmental realm. Are you a hunter who has shot too many deer? Are you hungry or poor and need government help in putting food on your plate? We need to get the two of you together! Montgomery County, Maryland is running a program (via Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry) - that has evidently been going on for a few years now -whereby hunters bring their “extra” deer to a few fixed drop-off locations and the county workers, skin ‘em, cook ‘em and then freeze ‘em. The end result is venison steaks for the needy. Check out the story in the Mogo Gazette for full details. It would be great if more governments got involved with this type of program even if it’s road kill. Even during hard financial times we could make a dent in the hunger problem in this country with just a few people thinking outside of the box.

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