Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 50 Jewish Hotties....Not Quite and It’s Not Easy Living With a Runner

In perusing uber-video game geek site,’s list of the “Top 50 Jewish Hotties” (Guys...follow that link now!!!) I noticed that several things that brought both my ire, irk, and general perturb-ness.

1) Half of the girls on this list (especially those born post 1980), I’ve never heard of...that’s not to say that they don’t belong on this list, because, based on their photos, you betcha they do. It’s just that I feel a little disconnected to my Jewish sisters since neither their names, faces, and in some cases their body of work are completely foreign to me.

2) I have no argument with #1 (Natalie Portman) but Sarah Silverman needs to rank in the top 3...I don’t care who the other’s are. She is clearly 1a to Portman’s 1. Forget about what comes out of her mouth (although I do agree with the author of that article that it only increases her “hottie-ness”) but she’s got the Semitic good looks that you’d be proud to take home for Passover sedar.

3) Perhaps I spoke to soon on #2. The biggest sham is who was left off, certainly we all know that #1 should have actually gone to (wait for the suck up moment): Mrs. Bloggerman. But seriously I do think they left off a few names such as: Mayim Bialik (“Blossom”), Alex Borstein (voice of Lois on “Family Guy” and the chick bartender in “Bad Santa”), Zach Braff (oh wait he’s a guy...but still hot), Pink (as in “Pink”, not “Panther), and finally, who could forget Mindy Cohen (of “Facts of Life” Mindy).

Speaking of hot girls who are married to me and haven’t been on TV or in the movies, Mrs. Bloggerman and others (Debbie) can take solace in the fact that you are not the only two women who feel that living with a distance runner is akin to inviting another Jew into your house, as in Alf. It seems, according to this article in the New York Times, that we runners can get a bit obsessive, especially during the big fall marathoning season. I don’t know how much I agree with that especially because I’m too busy running or talking about running, or dreaming about running, or watching my dog dream about running to actually ponder such nonsense but I do it because I like to and if Mrs. Bloggerman or any of my other wives (Tudy, Punky Brewster, or Zach Braff) have anything to say about it then Pffft to you!

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acklaw said...

Sara Silverman? Really? She doesn't even make my top 50 list.