Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who's the Sukkah Now?

I like building things. Sometimes they are physical structures, other times recipes, and still other times they take the shape of metaphysical arguments (although for the life of me I can’t remember one of those). Last week, Mrs. Bloggerman put forward the idea of celebrating the festival of Sukkot with our very own back yard sukkah.

Wow, what a great opportunity to use those tools I have sitting down in the basement by my workbench. I drew up the plans and got the approval of the client (Mrs. Bloggerman) and headed off to the big orange box to get my supplies (Home Depot comma The). I arrived home with 11 2x2’s at 8ft each, 4 aluminum T-shaped corner joiners and 6 L-shaped side joiners (for the top), as well as a box of wood screws and several decorative plants and pumpkins.

The initial plan was to build an 8ft x 8ft structure with several cross beams running along the top. We followed that plan but as the Wife puts it, “The sukkah thinks its Passover, because it’s leaning to the left.”

Another trip to the Depot later that night yielded the 3 “mid-level” cross beams on the sides and the necessary joiners. And an additional voyage to Lowes gave us the burlap siding.

Ok as you can see from the pictures this isn’t that sturdy (although as of this writing it hasn’t fallen ...yet) and of course if you have even primary knowledge of building things you can tell me it’s a death trap but dang it....it’s my death trap and I’m proud of it.

I’ll try to get some additional pictures up tomorrow as we’re going to pick up some bamboo shoots for the roof. Until then...cheerio and watch out for falling timber!

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