Monday, November 17, 2008

Flooded Trails, Muddy Trails and One Hell of a Pork Chop

Bloggerman is back and running his #$@$ off. Lesson of the day: Don’t try to run twice in one morning in two different states! Saturday morning brought my usual group run with the Sparkles and the rest of the Pacer’s crew. We ran down in Springfield at Lake Accotink which is a really kick ass 3.something mile loop around the lake and into the surrounding neighborhood. Only one problem. When we got to the “dam” we noticed that the trail (the part leading back to the parking lot with our cars) was flooded over and completely impassable. We had to double back and essentially do a 2nd loop. Other then that the rain held off and it was surprisingly warm (60 degrees) for November in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Here’s where you’re Hero made a mistake. I thought it would have been a good idea to then drive back home towards the G-burg to go to the Montgomery County Road Runners “Cross Country 8k”. see I’ve never run a XC race before and now I know why. Two laps into my four lap race my legs felt like jelly and I couldn’t stop slipping on all the mud. Plus it’s never a good idea to enter a race field of 30 or so runners when you are sure to be in the back 10 (hey at least 5 guys finished behind me!). The picture in today’s post is from that race right as I got into my “Superman” pose (and then proceeded to almost wipe out going down a curvy hill.

However all my hardships were rewarded with one hell of a dinner at Ricciutis with friends. It’s located in Olney in an old historic mansion but its claim to fame (on top of the great food) is that it is entirely “green”. They get all of their power from wind and almost everything is recyclable. But the food was the best part. I had an awesome “Cocoa-dusted Pork Chop with an Espresso - Barbeque sauce” It was way too good for just one meal so I took some home and enjoyed a pork burrito for lunch yesterday while watching the football games.

Oh this is where I add that Safeway pharmacy sucks and should stay open way past 4pm on Sunday!

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