Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toyota Tercell? Not for Long Mr.

Hey You! Yeah you dumbass...You up in front of me in the far left lane in the Toyota Tercell. What in the hell are you doing driving 60 miles per hour in a lane with nobody in front of you and a long line of cars behind you? What do you think I wanted you to do when I pulled up tight on your bumper or when I flashed my brights at you? Do you think, perhaps, maybe, possibly, I wanted you to speed up to the flow of traffic? Evidently you missed the memo that said stay the $#%$ to the right if you’re not passing anybody. Welcome to our country. The great thing is that you have the right do drive pretty much wherever and whenever you choose. The only rule is, stay out of my way. If you are concerned for your safety/driving ability I think that’s fine...just stay to the right. I won’t ever get upset if you’re puttering around over there because that’s why they put that lane there. Now by comparison the far left lane is for passing. Yes it is also the HOV lanes but if even if you do qualify, if the rest of the road way is open and moving, stay to the right. I’m not advocating speeding but 10 miles over the limit (as long as the rest of traffic is moving at the same clip) is perfectly acceptable and most people do it.

Admittingly, I do most of my driving in the northeastern US so I don’t know if this happens everywhere but I’d love to find out. Do those of you up in Montana where the speed limit is up around 90mph have a problem with drivers hanging out in the far left lane that aren’t paying attention to their surroundings? What about in Guam or American Samoa? Do you have any “coconut head” drivers out there? What is your take on it? I personally don’t like to use my brights or horn unless I really have to. My preference is obscene hand gestures (the #1 driver sign). Are any of you “throwers”? Do you start throwing things (cups, paper, bowling balls) at idiot motorists out on the road?

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