Friday, December 19, 2008

Rub Me Down and Flip Me Over

In what will either be the best marketing idea ever or a bust to put up on the shelf like their failed 80’s “I’m Not Herb” campaign, our friends at Burger King have introduced “Flame” a body spray aimed toward their male cliental. So what can BK make a fragrance smell like? Pickles? French Fries? Uh-uh…flame broiled beef. Yummy! Beef…I can spray it all over my body. Oh and the best part…when I run out I can just go in the fridge, pull out a few pieces of left over meatloaf and get my groove back.

I really don’t know what to make of this. Are the girls supposed to be turned on as soon as I spray this? As the guys at Motley Fool put it today “Who knew the smell of red meat could be seductive?”

Isn’t it bad enough that every 14 year old pimple machine is increasing their carbon footprint by going through 3-4 bottles of AXE every day just trying to catch the female pray at the locker next to them? Do we really want these dopes smelling like musky-burger flavor?

Well one girl I know may be interested in that but she has four legs and six nipples… better add that to my Hanukah list!

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