Monday, December 22, 2008

Which Door Is It? Misleading Restroom Signs and More...

Let me paint the picture for you:
Sceene1: Nice restaurant or swanky bar and you have had just a little too much water or tea. You go in the back to look for the little boys/girls room only to find a strange symbol on the door instead of proper wording.

This was the scenario the other night. I stepped up to the door marked “restrooms” only to be confronted by two doors. On one was something that looked like a stick figure in a dress (sounds like the women’s room) and on the other door was just a stick figure. This one wasn’t particularly hard to figure out but there are others that are much worse. These for example are tough ones:

You can also check out here or here for postings of other signs of trouble.

Why is it so hard just to put “Men” or “Women” on the door? I understand that you are trying to create an atmosphere in your establishment and might want to put something else on there. I don’t necessarily see a problem with a chili place putting “cowboys” or “cowgirls” up or even a Chinese restaurant putting up their respective men/women symbols on the door....just so long as you clarify that by either a “M” or a “W”. Just put something up there for crying out loud before my bladder explodes and you’re going to need a “mop in aisle 4!”

Secondly, I won’t really go into the germ-a-phobe who walked into the Men’s room in front of me this morning, took a toilet seat cover (perfectly acceptable) and then proceeded to give the “courtesy flush.” What the frig? Why the need to waste a gallon (or more) of water? Are you afraid of splash back? Is that really the worst thing that could happen...and speaking of hard are you “going” that you might have splash back?

Finally, there will be a temporary break from posting while Bloggerman and his kin folk enjoy some holiday time off. Hag go away!

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RayRay said...

splashback ,what a wonderful and descriptive term. Not enough is truly discussed about the perils of splashback. There needs to be more