Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Primanti Brothers vs. Pat’s King of Steaks

OMG...OMG...OMG!!! I need some serious paper towels (or a ShamWow) over here pronto to wipe up the drool dripping down my chin as we speak. I’m currently over-salivating over the possibility to make one of two Pennsylvania classic sandwiches for the upcoming “Big Game” (the one that rhymes with Super Bowl). Today the face off (and tough decision) is between the Primanti Brothers Capricola (ham) and Cheese and a Pat’s (king of steaks) cheesesteak wit (onions). Both are artery clogging behemoths and inspire their share of imitators, but if you’ve had one (or both) you know there is nothing like the real thing.

Unfortunately unless you happen to be passing through Pittsburg (Primanti Brothers) or Philadelphia (Pat’s) or you have it in you to drive 2-3 hours from home (or more) just to take in a meal) then you are SOL.

However if you have the culinary skills to try these concoctions at home you can give it a whirl. Recently I came across a recipe for each of these classics that I’m here to share with you:

But wait there’s more....for those of you who can remember back to the great Pop Tarts vs. Donuts debate of 2007, we did the nutritional comparison shopping for you and we’re back to take the great Pennsylvania Sandwich debate to our Nobody Likes a Jerk Lab. The results are quite astounding.
Primanti Bros

As you can see, they both produce enough calories, cholesterol, sodium, and protein to hold an entire Ethiopian village over for 29 weeks, or roughly enough to send many of my readers to the hospital with chest pains but clearly the winner here is Pat’s Cheesesteak. I have to say that I am already biased towards Pats but this is my blog and I have the right to be biased to anybody I want to be. However if the Primanti Brothers want to send me a free sandwich to taste (I’ve never had one) I would be open to reconsidering my ruling.

Of course I don’t know if either of these gastro-pieces can match up to the Bacon Explosion (go ahead, follow that link...I promise you will not be disappointed!).


Anonymous said...

Primanti's is better...hands down! I've had both but am biased since I'm from Pittsburgh and have Primanti's more often. I'd recommend the artery clogging good!

pittsburgh steaker said...

I'm from Philly but I go to Pittsburgh a lot and I say Primanti's is better, Pats is trashy and their food is nasty. I like every sandwich at Primanti, top 3 are: Pittsburghrer cheesesteak, turkey breast, then capicola and cheese.