Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Game, Great Concert, Crappy Commercials

Not much needs to be said about last night’s game nor the half time concert by the legendary Bruce Springsteen because both of these events spoke volumes for themselves with their performances. What I, like many others in the blogosphere, am doing today is complaining about the lack of creativity in the commercials that have become their own must see event over the years.

Look the economy is in free fall, we all get it and I certainly understand that we’re not going to see another “1984”-type Mac commercial until times for everybody get better. I am looking beyond the three million dollars that each game time “spot” cost. The cost of the spot shouldn’t dictate the creativity. The advertisers that bought each spot had the money to do so and they also had the money to produce some sort of commercial, if not we’d have nothing but a guy holding cards up in front of the camera that had the company’s information on it. So in other words, there was some money for production here.

With that in mind, I will point out the three worst commercials and then the three best with a little explanation why (you can see all the spots over at Hulu).

1) Assorted Movie Trailers and NBC Promos
Clearly economic times are tough and NBC could not sell all their ad space (despite reports to the contrary) so there was advanced warning that a heavy dose of “promos” were coming, but they just weren’t funny. Especially notable in this category were the 3-D ad for “Chuck” and the “Heroes” spot where they are playing football. In fact the only one that was bearable was the “LMAO” which looked like it came from the TBS inventory of “really funny” then NBC’s stable. The movie trailers are even worse. GIJOE? Are you @$%@%$3 kidding me? My only hope is that the movie completely goes in the tank forcing the studio to shut its operations. My same thoughts for Land of the Lost, only this time I hope that Will Ferrell will also have to cease operations (die).

2) E-Trade Talking Babies
Oh you are so hip Mr. Head of Advertising at E-trade. You added a black baby to sit along the annoying white baby. Here’s a clue...neither one of them are funny, nor adorable, nor even mildly entertaining. We’re all taking a bath in the market and you’re not helping...Instead of spending money advertising, spend it getting better actors for next year.

3) Any of the Budweiser spots
The Clydesdales are no longer funny or cute. We’ve seen them do everything but take a giant dump into the vat of your crappy beer. I don’t know if it wouldn’t have been a good idea to let the Belgians take you over. At least I hear they know how to a) make a product people actually want to drink and b) can make a half way decent commercial that won’t remind me how much I crave a horse burger right now

1) Teleflora-Talking Flowers
Far and away the best spot was from Teleflora. They stepped up to the plate and not only took on 1-800-flowers and ProFlowers but also thought out their concept and executed flawlessly. How funny was it? Well it was already number one before the closing line “oh and no one wants to see you naked!” Classic. Congrats!

2) Tie: Doritos “Crystal Ball” and Bridgestone “Taters”
Nothing says funny like free chips and a guy getting hit in the groin in the same 30-second span. As Homer J Simpson is fond of saying “it’s funny on so many levels”. While I didn’t love Bridgestone’s other spots the one with Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead was well worth the money spent. Not only did it let me know that they have good tires (a fact that I probably won’t remember when it comes time to buy new ones) but it fulfilled every married man’s dream (for our lovely wives to have interchangeable parts!). Well Done

3) Cash 4
See they’re not only on at 4am and hour long infomercials on Saturday afternoon. This comes close to Teleflora in the “company you’ve never heard of walking away with the best of prize.” Getting Ed McMahon and MC Hammer (mallet) to unload their gold for much needed cash...classic (even if they did “bite” Nationwide Insurances’ MC Hammer spot a few years ago....the brutha needs money!).

That’s it I’m off to make my own commercial which you’ll only be able to see if you have access to my head. But I must warn you, it’s contents are graphic in nature and might be unsuitable to most audiences.

Bloggerman out!.

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