Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yo Commish…How ‘Bout A Loan?

Only 3 players made more money then you. You can count that on one hand; one, two, three. See. How is that possible? Players are greedy and employee even greedier agents who take money from the greediest of all, the owners. Oh yeah you were once an owner but no more.

See I don’t understand how you who has tried not only to kill but also to burry this game so many times (I can’t count them on BOTH hands) since you took over in ’92, can make so much money. Hell for the record, I’d do the damn job for 1% of your salary. By the way Bud, that comes out to roughly $183k a year.

I must know who your agent is? How many owners did he/she have to sleep with to get them to agree to pay you more then $18 million a year? Geeze…no wonder nobody likes you. You should really think of taking an oath of poverty for a few years to improve relations between the owners and the players. Also how is it you still have that $5 hair cut and $40 suit on? Do you not have time to go shopping? Go to the Barber?

Bud, I don’t really like to rip on you like this. It’s not what I do best. That’s what politicians are for. But face it, you’re a tool…a very rich tool…but still a tool.

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