Friday, February 27, 2009

I’ve Got the Spirit and News of the Day

Sweating and breathing a bit heavier then normal this morning I came back into the house (which I forgot to lock up...ooops) after a surprise early morning weekday run. It seems that I caught a nasty case of the “Spirit” last night after taking in our latest Netflix offering, The Spirit of the Marathon on the DVD machine. For those of you who are too lazy to follow the link, the movie is a documentary following 5 runners as they train for the 2005 Chicago Marathon. I highly recommend adding it to your cue but again for those of you too lazy to even do that...just view the trailer below.

Ok so even though I’ve now run 15 marathons I can still be inspired and I went to sleep last night thinking that I have to go out and run in the morning (even though I need to run 20 additional miles tomorrow morning). Now that’s moving.

Onto news of the day. I saw this in the paper this morning and wanted to share. From the pages of the DC Examiner:
Laundering racket shut down in Florida
A 49-year-old Florida woman was charged with felony burglary after she repeatedly broke into a vacant home to use the washer and dryer, according to an arrest report.
Officers responding to a complaint found wet clothes in the washer and dryer and Mary Angela Southwick hiding in a closet.
The home’s owner, who lives out of state, asked that Southwick be required to reimburse her for the costs of water and electricity. – From staff and wire reports

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