Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yummy....Dharma-Brand Bento Box!

I’m an addict. I admit it (isn’t that one of the first steps?). Lost is in my blood. I watch every Wednesday night along with my two favorite woman-folk. We crawl into bed and start to watch/analyze/cheer/complain/be scared etc once a week. I take it further, analyzing screen grabs, reading in-depth analysis and listening to podcasts. However I am no where close to “uber-fan” status as much as I’d like to be.

Sure I analyze the show while running out with friends on Saturday’s but I draw the line when making decisions about food. If given the choice between dharma-brand beer and a bottle of Blue Moon...well give me an orange slice and call it a day. The same goes for mangos. I won’t eat any mango’s that come with the “?” mark...I just won’t do it! But this fan, Pikko. She has taken her love for the show and her keen culinary design skills to take Lost from the screen to the Japanese lunch (bento) box

Take a look and happy eating!


Pikko said...

Thanks for the comments, jerk! (I say that in humor of course)

Pikko said...

Oops, I hit post too soon. ;(

Let me know how your own Lost bento goes, I'd love to see it!