Thursday, February 19, 2009

That Broccoli Is Bad

And you knew it but you still put it on my plate guy at Bertucci’s. Why? Did you think I wouldn’t notice when your waiter put the plate in front of me and the broccoli was a shade of yellow? Did you think I wouldn’t notice when I took a bite and threw up a little in my mouth?

But alas, you do get some love here because you made it right. You not only put fresh broccoli on my plate when it went back but included a few olives on top and that’s always good news. Plus you gave me a new sausage in my sandwich (although you did give me back the bread with the bite mark) but it was mine to begin with so not too mad.

I do also love how the seater guy (not really a matre d at Bertuccis) looks just like Saddam Husain.

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