Monday, February 23, 2009

That’s One Oink and One Cluck

And the leftovers from dinner Saturday night just found their way into my gullet. Thanks to all that joined us for dinner over at Red Rock Canyon on Saturday and even if they couldn’t get the prime rib right (serving it once well done and once uncooked DOES NOT equal medium-rare) and the fact that DA had trouble understanding why there weren’t tater tots. The restaurant has very good food but they really should pair down their menu to three items (and various combinations of such): Oink, Cluck, and Moo. Seriously don’t even offer the salads or fish or shrimp. Keep it Simple. The people will come.

Speaking of people coming, it seems that the nice folks down at New Jersey’s child services have finally come to the home of young Adolf Hitler (and his 2 siblings) to remove them from their idiot parents. I was going to blog about this insanity a few months back when a local supermarket wouldn’t make a cake with young Adolf’s name written on it but I got distracted so this will have to be the first you heard of it.

Lets finish up with an award for a friends four-legged-friend. Young Dylan (you should have named him Jeter!) was awarded the front page of the Daily Puppy today. He’s very cute but look out Dylan, the Mook-a-Lok does not take challenges to her “cutest dog in the world” title very lightly. She may not be so friendly the next time you nibble on her ear. That’s not a threat but rather a warning. Not saying something will happen but it could....stay tuned.

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Debbie said...

Thanks for the pup's shout-out. I think Mookie is a gracious and generous pup-a-lup so I have no doubt she will remain so towards baby Dylan! Besides, when you think about it, Ella and Mookie helped her get selected - one of the photos chosen is a direct result of them! :-)