Sunday, March 15, 2009

AJC,, and the Atlanta Track Club: Eat THIS Peach!

Do you all know there is a special place in hell for idiots like you?? While trying to register for the 2009 Peachtree Road Race, I noticed the following which I am now going to complain about.

1) The registration link was supposed to go "live" at 7am this morning. It was live at least 10 minutes earlier then that because I got in at that point. But that wasn't the end. Nope. While you could get to the splash page, when you tried to get to the registration form you were told that "volume was higher then expected, please try again.". Volume was higher then expected? Really? You mean you weren't ready for at least 50,000 people to log in at 7am when you routinely have that many run your race? How is that possible? Do you even have a clue about how many people rush out on Sunday's and pick up the AJC when the entry forms used to be printed inside?

2) When you get into the form and fill out all the info (including your credit card numbers) you end up with a java script error. Really? See the above reference to the 50k people (or more) that are trying to apply this morning. Do you think that, maybe, perhaps, possibly you should have tested this from numerous computers, in numerous locations, running numerous web browsing software? I don't know about you...but the answer is YES you dopes!

3) When you go back to the registration page after having your problems, might it be a nice thing to not clear all the data off and allow for "One-touch" reentry? You must have those giant, "padded" keys on your computer which allows for easy typing. I don't and my fingers are starting to get sore (irony is that I'm typing this now). Someone get my Dictaphone (giggle).

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