Thursday, March 12, 2009

Darryl, The Tuna, and a Taco

Back from Spring Training and a visit with the ‘rents and smiles abound from both Mr. and Mrs. Bloggerman.

Full details are available upon request but here is a quick list of highlights (with pictures):

1) Meeting Darryl Strawberry on the practice fields, having a quick chat and grabbing an autograph

2) Meeting Bill Parcells under the same conditions as above

3) Sampling a “Taco in a Helmet

4) Getting both a Sonic Blast and a Fribble in a 24 hour period

5) Mrs. Bloggerman and her sticky rental car

6) Datz’s (not so great) Deli

7) The Bakery next store with them ugly cakes

8) Seeing the Mook-a-lok again when I get home

That’s it. I’ll be back next week with your regularly scheduled post.

1 comment:

Stefanie said...

I LOVE FRIBBLES! We need a Friendly's in Hoboken!