Friday, March 6, 2009

Houston, We Have a Problem

Pinto, Aztec, Challenger

Yes it’s a cool looking ve-hick-le and yes it’s American (although I need to check to see if they are secretly being assembled in Mexico by the non-union devils that are stealing American jobs—sorry Rush overload). But come on, I thought by now that we’ve figured out what names work and which ones don’t when it comes to the world of cars.

Dodge/Chrysler Guy: Yeah but “Challenger” is such a cool name. Plus our studies show that it has some serious street cred with the homies!

Me: named it after a space shuttle that tragically exploded shortly after takeoff killing all the crew members aboard!

Dodge/Chrysler Guy: Oh. Well its still cool.

Me: (beats Dodge/Chrysler Guy silly)

Dodge/Chrysler Guy: (bleeding profusely, passes out)

Now how is it that a car can be named “Challenger” when we have so many more transportation-related disasters in our past that we have yet to dredge up for profit (movies don’t count). Take for example, we have yet to have cars called “Titanic” (great SUV name though), “Zeppelin”, or “Air Florida”. Hell even the folks over at Ford get it as they haven’t reintroduced the “Nova” (it sold horribly in Latin America....because it translates as “no-go”).

So what goes into naming a car anyway. This article might give some insight.

That’s it. I’m done. I’m hanging up my “pen” for a few days as I take vay-kay. I’ll be back in this space on Thursday (or perhaps earlier if the bug hits me). I will see you all soon.


RayRay said...

You are aware this is a remake of the original car that stopped production by Chrysler in 1974 then was picked up by Mitsubishi in 78-83 ?

Anonymous said...

And the Nova was made by Chevrolet, BTW.