Monday, March 30, 2009

She's Out of My Life Forever (at least the single one)

Well my (original) mistress finally left me. Yesterday, Debbie and Eric took the plunge and got hitched in a ceremony that took place in just short of hurricane-strength winds. Don't worry though, my hair stayed perfect the entire night.

The wedding, at the historic Hay Adams hotel was one of the nicest I've been to in a long while. The ceremony was up on the roof (and the wind) but the payoff was not just a glowing and beautiful bride (sniff, sniff) but also an amazing view of The White House and surrounding national grounds, all during the opening weekend of the National Cherry Tree Festival.

Pink was not only the color of the trees but also the color of Bloggerman's drinks as he/I/that dude partook in hid favorite gin and tonics but with a splash of grenadine for some authentic cherry blossom color. Good thing it wasn't St Patty's day or I'd have to switch out the cherry for apple pucker...ehhhh.

I've been to quite a few weddings over the years (including my own, according to some unconfirmed reports) and very few have included a best man speech that involved both the words "90 years plus 30 years equals 100 years of marriage" and a heckler who was heard to shout "Are you done yet?!". Must have been the Slivovitz talking!

All-in-all a great night and we here at Nobody Likes a Jerk wish the new couple 90 years of wedded bliss (plus another 30 after that to make it an even 100!)

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