Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sprinting By A Kiwi Prank on Facebook

When I complete a marathon my legs hurt. Most people have the same sensation, with the pain subsiding within a few days depending on how in tune your body is (I’m usually good to go the next day). But let me tell you about hurt. That is how my quads and hamstrings sung a tune of pain as I jogged back from the park with the Mooks after my first day of a new speed training program (an attempt to get back under a 4 hr marathon). The basics:
1. 10 min warm up jog
2. 10 x 100-yard sprints (with jog backs)
3. 8 x 80-yard sprints (with jog backs)
4. 6 x 60-yard sprints (with jog backs)
5. 4 x 40-yard sprints (with jog backs)
6. 10 min cool down jog

The details:
Mooks held her own thru the 100-yarders but I couldn’t keep pulling her and tied her to a goal post for the 80’s and the 60’s. Well she got the point and took off (leash) for the 40’s in a line that would impress the NFL scouts. My time was not quite as impressive but I’m not doing it for time yet. I’ll be back at it tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes.

I’m not generally big on April Fools Day. It’s not that I don’t like to pull a prank or two but keep in mind, you have to be really good like Santiago (see last year’s prank) to make it count. That got me thinking, what would it look like to pull a prank today when everybody’s collective guard may be a bit lower. “But it’s not April 1,” you say. “Pfft” I say back to you. Technically it’s already April Fools in New Zealand so why the hell not. Well I don’t have the energy or the time to think of that now but if you want to spend some time today read about great Kiwi-based AFD pranks.

She nagged, and nagged, and nagged. Once all that was over she nagged some more. None of these attempts were successful until she plied me with booze and free food...that always is the answer. Any-who the wife got me to put up the long dreaded Facebook profile. So go, go now, don’t delay, I don’t know how long this will last. Check me out

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