Monday, April 13, 2009

Lost comes to Dinner, Classy Moves, New Commercials, and a Dog

See you know you’re a fan of a TV show when you bring it to dinner. Well not quite TO dinner as I doubt that I’d have enough room or food for everybody in the cast (however if they call and reserve a table we can seat most with 24 hrs notice...just in case they happen to be in the area). More to the point, last Wednesday, we brought the themes of LOST to our Passover Seder, much to the chagrin of 75% of those in attendance. It turns out a very thoughtful fellow blogger, Esther Kustanowitz on the site Idol Chatter, posted “The 10 Ways Passover is Like Lost.” Well once I found it (a few hours before everybody showed up) I knew it had to find it’s way into the haggada, just before the break for dinner. Sure most people moaned and groaned but I don’t care. It’s my house and my don’t like it...go to the White House.

Hats off to Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers for one of the classier moves I’ve seen on Sports Center. Literally. After Reed Johsnon of the Cubs robbed Fielder of a sure home run, Fielder comes back to the dugout and actually tips his hat to Johnson. No cursing, no obscene gestures, no fastballs to the head. Class. I guess that’s that you’d expect from an overweight vegetarian.

The I-man’s back and now he has his own TV commercials. There are three at this link to the WABC Radio New York site. They aren’t too bad (the fat guy is frequent contributor Rob Bartlett).

And finally, Congratulations to the Obama family on their new dog, Bo. Bo is a Portuguese water dog and does has two things that rank him ahead of the previous canine occupants of the White House. 1) He’s not a wussy dog like Barney and 2) He doesn’t have a wussy name like Barney. ‘Nuff Said.

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