Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Man or Tea Man Cometh

Happy Tax Day. Or should I say “Happy Last Day To File, Don’t Get Into An Accident Rushing to the Post Office To File At The Last Minute Which Probably Won’t Work Anyway Because They Are Cutting Back On Staff and May Close Early Day”

Fewww, that’s a mouthful.

What I want to really do today is share my thoughts on the so-called “Tea Party” protests held in various locations today (the full background can be found on the liberal rag, Washington Post).

This protest (is meant to) harkens back to the Boston Tea Party where the theme was....anybody, anybody? "No taxation without representation". It seems the only people who should be allowed to protest today are the residents of DC who don't get a say in their federal tax dollars (yet).

The rest of you are whiners who complain when you need to write a check to the government to help support the programs you use (or at least those in need use).

Yeah let's not pay taxes but we do want national defense right?

Yeah lets not pay taxes but we need our Medicare or social security right?

Yeah lets not pay taxes but we want our government jobs right?

The economy is in the toilet and there is plenty of wasteful spending out there but go after that, not the "economic policies" or the "Obama administration" (which has been in office less then 100 days...I'd like to see you do a job that big with so little training)

How about instead of complaining about who is right and who is wrong, you suggest real solid suggestions about improving things. Stop being so reactionary and think about what it really means to be an American.

There are soldiers who gave body parts and in many cases their lives for our people and you are complaining over writing a little check (and chances are you are getting a refund anyway).

I need to go and wait on that fat refund check! Yeah Money!

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