Monday, April 20, 2009

Run Patriots, Run!

Happy Patriots’ Day to everybody out there!

Happy What?! What the hell is that?

Patriots’ Day, (according to our friends over at Wikipedia): “ a civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. It is observed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and state of Maine (once part of Massachusetts), and is a public school observance day in Wisconsin.”

I’m not really clear as to why it’s celebrated in Wisconsin, but I’m all for holidays that don’t make a lot of sense (see Big Wind Day in New Hampshire).

The real highlight of the day is not the colonial reenactments but rather two Boston-based sporting events, the running of the Boston Marathon and the 11am game of the Boston Red Sowx (yes I know...but it’s phonetic).

The marathon is of course the bigger of the two events where most of the runners are you fast SOBs that I constantly assail because you're just too darn fast. This was the 113th running and it is still the only “major” marathon not run during a weekend. The full story can be found over at the Boston Globe, but it looked like a great race (especially on the women’s side with the closest finish in history and even the Americans got in on the act finishing 3rd in both races (hey we don’t suck as much as I thought). But on a serious note, congratulations to all the runners and I hope you all had a great race! The way I see it by the time I’m 80 or so I can qualify...see you in a little less then 50 years.

The other event was the Red Sox (see I can spell) game today. The game is the only one of the year on the entire Major League Baseball schedule to start before noon (the only game scheduled prior to the season; there are some makeup dates that need to start early). And it’s evidently very exciting as you can exit Fenway Park, walk a short distance and see some of the marathon finishers (the winners finish somewhere in the 2nd inning).

And finally, while this has nothing to do with Patriots’ day, tomorrow I want to alert you to two other New England-based traditions:
1) 50 cent Ice Coffee Day at Dunkin’ Donuts
2) Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s

So Run, Celebrate, and Enjoy!

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