Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bliss, Earthquake Requests, and Speed

Breathe deeply my dear readers. Yesterday was a yearly phenomenon that has been occurring since the dawn of time (or at least for most of the last 100 or so years). Baseball’s opening day occurred all over this great land (except where it was raining, snowing, or windy). Included in those festivities were my New York Mets enjoying the lovely spring weather in Cincinnati. Yes, the fans were out in the cold rain as the temperatures dropped from a perky 49 at first pitch to a slightly annoying 40 degrees by the seventh inning. Oh how those out in the bleachers looked pleased to be there. It was truly their smiles that brought out the glow on the field. Or was that the lights in the stadium because the sun never came out. I can’t really complain (or can I?) because the Mets showed strong defense, pitching, and timely hitting to start the season off on a high note with a win, but when will Major League Baseball get that just because it’s April, it doesn’t mean it’s warm and sunny all over the US! For the future, let’s try to keep all opening day games south of Kansas City, unless the home team has a dome/retractable roof. This way we can actually get all the games in on the first day.

I never want to encourage hurting people (unless I really don’t like them), but I have a request for the folks over at the US Geological Survey (the Federal agency in charge of creating earthquakes) could pinpoint a Magnitude 7 earthquake right under the anchor desk of the new Sports Center studio in Los Angeles. I don’t want to have any of the camera crew or other technical people hurt, I just want a small hole to open in the Earth’s crust and swallow Stuart Scott whole! Whose bright idea was it to put Sports Center in LA? The show takes place entirely in a windowless studio...why the hell would I care that they are now in Los Angeles? Additionally the “suits” over in Bristol, CT didn’t plan this launch around some major area sporting event (the above mentioned Opening Day” isn’t really large enough to count). If they were launching “Sports Center Detroit” (Final 4) or “Sports Center New Hampshire” launching on April 12 (Big Wind Day) it would make a little more sense. Also the aforementioned lazy eyed host (Scott) needs to have somebody show him the back of his head in a mirror. Either shave your whole head or grow your hair out, not only is the Mohawk look OUT, but you’re like 40 years old...nobody thinks your cool...stop trying!

Finally today, last week I spoke of a new sprinting work out that I’m experimenting with to increase my running speed. You can go back and read the whole thing here. But the bottom line is here are the distances run, the times I should be hitting, and finally my average times from yesterday.

10 x 100 yards / 15-18 seconds / 17-19 seconds
8 x 80 yards / 11-15 seconds / 13-15 seconds
6 x 60 yards / 8-11 seconds / 10-12 seconds
4 x 40 yards / 5-8 seconds / 7-9 seconds

So I am hitting the goal comfortably in some distances but struggling in the shorter ones. Now I went all out on the 40 yard dashes yet my time (in running shoes on a grass/mud soccer field) would barely register at the NFL Combines (on dry turf with cleats) among the 300+ pound linemen run and blown away by the world record sprinters. Oh well, I guess I have to keep plugging away (or put on 200 pounds).

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