Thursday, April 9, 2009

To The Lady Sitting Next To Me On The Train...

Did I ruin your day? Oh what a shame! The horror and travesty of it all. Won't somebody please think of the children???

And to think, all of this had to happen because you couldn't bear to be on the train this morning sans your morning cup of joe. Is it hot and tasty? I sure hope you got to enjoy it.

Well at least I still hope its hot when you get off the train.

Why are you shocked? If this isn't your first time riding Metro then why was it such a surprise when I asked you to stop drinking your coffee this morning on the train? You were amazed by my audacity. Sorry about that sister but there's plenty more where that came from!

Maybe your eyesight/hearing/common sense is going bad. I mean with all the blond dye in your hair and your very stylish pant suit (complimented with the hiking boots and save-the-earth green grocery bag) you must be a very important person around the office, where clearly the rules don't apply to you.

Did you stop and think that perhaps we might want a sip of coffee this morning? Hell, after last nights midnight-dish-washing-marathon I could really use some. But I, like everybody else on the train, am waiting until we get off and are able to follow the few simple rules. BTW for those of you who are out of the DC area, “no eating/drinking on the trains” is Rule #2, right after “pay your fare.” It’s a hard one to miss.

You just got off in Bethesda, I hope your cup has gone cold.

Thank you, and HAVE a nice day!

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